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About Chris Bell

Music Affairs Consulting's Chris Bell has been negotiating deals in the music and broadcast industry since 1987.Chris began his career as a music composer for a number of Los Angeles based Television shows and later also entered the world of Advertising Music. After over 25 years dealing with advertising agencies, production companies, broadcasters and video game producers, Chris Bell has a firm grasp of the many aspects that affect the music composer as well as the producer and broadcaster. With today's complex and ever changing music business, it's not an easy task to jump in and try to figure it out. It takes the kind of understanding that only comes with years of experience and 100's of successful music deals. Chris Bell has been on both sides of the music deal having come from a composer background, but also having been a producer of both Television as well as  successful film projects. Chris Bell believes in taking care of the composer, at the same time educating the producer on the many ways that revenue can be generated from the music that they buy.

Chris Bell has developed many solid relationships over the years that have proven to be extremely valuable in making and finalizing the ultimate music deal. These include music and law attorneys, musicologists (who make sure you are not violating an existing copyright) and savey music publishers and business people who are all just a phone call away from helping create your good deal.

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